Spaulding Brand



Spaulding Brand is a graphic design studio specializing in the development of logos and visual identity systems that generate greater trust for businesses and products. 




Whether you’re a startup or a long established business you understand the value of earning and keeping the trust of the people you serve. One of the tools a business has to quickly win a customer’s trust and preference is their brand identity. After all, when a logo has its act together it communicates that the product or service it represents does too.

We present a collaborative design process to identify your competitive value, create a bold and memorable identity program, and help you manage your brand communications.

Since 2008 we have worked with organizations large and small to design enduring logos and visual identity systems. Our process is organized and effective in helping lead our clients through the process of understanding the value that they create for people. If you’re ready to design or redesign your logo or visual identity let’s get in touch. We’d love to help.



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