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Many companies need help clarifying the value of their offering and communicating it visually, but they also need a way to maintain their brand in a cost effective manner. We provide a complete brand identity system, a kit of parts, to empower your in-house design team or help any third party create consistent design communications that are always on brand.



Together we will uncover the essence of your business, identify the value you create for the people you service, and understand how that value fits into the larger competitive environment.


Brand Identity Strategy
We’ll guide the definition of your brand purpose, vision, mission, and goals to keep everything we design focused on communicating who you are and the value you create for your customers.


Logo Design
Your logo is the champion of your brand. We take this very seriously. Our process includes sketching, vector renderings, color stories, mock applications, and user testing.


Identity Program Design
Includes design elements like color, typography, patterns, image styles, and more. This kit of parts supports your trademark and creates a distinct visual voice that is uniquely yours.


Designing Identity Applications
Once the strategy, identity, and brand language are created it’s time to apply them to your marketing materials. We offer packages with brand applications included or we can provide custom quotes.


Brand Identity Use Guidelines
Organizing your visual branding is a critical task. We define the rules for proper use of all communication tools, create templates, and deliver clear guidelines for asset management.



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